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Exceeded maximum number of activations

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Purchased DMS on launch day. 

It said there was a discount, entered the code.  Never got the discount.  Paid anyway. $96.00.

Did a fresh WP install to localhost (using "instant wordpress"). 

Installed DMS. 

Installed Chrome because I had to.

Went to DMS "Account" tab and "Your Account".

Entered my credentials exactly.

Clicked activate, and nothing happened.  Message said, "You have 1/1 activations remaining".  But DMS was still in basic (free) mode.  Hrmm?

Double checked credentials and clicked activate again.

Message said "Exceeded maximum number of activations" and product was STILL not activated.

Got pissed.  Read the whole hacked thing, figured it was that.

E-Mailed [email protected] Thursday night.

E-Mailed [email protected] Friday morning.  Twice.

Tweeted my dilemma to #pagelines.

Posted on the blog.

Now it's Saturday evening 5pm.  No response from anyone at PL.

Cleared cache and cookies, tried again to activate.  Still "Exceeded maximum number of activations".

Got pissed again.

Read Andrew's message "Coming Back Online".  Got on IRC #pagelines.

Did another fresh install of WP.

Installed DMS.

Tried again to activate.  Message said, "Exceeded maximum number of activations".

Found that forums are online again.  Yay!

Someone said something about deactivate in a post then reactivate.  Hmm.

Went looking everywhere in the "Account" and "My Account" tab.  Nothing about deactivate.

Feelings: Lost.  Angry.  Frustrated.  Confused.  Left out.  Resentful.



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Hi Todd,


If you've been reading our Blog, you've noticed that our website was attacked, viciously on Tuesday and again on Wednesday.  We're still rebuilding many parts of it and trying to get everything back online in the most professional manner so that it stays up, running and secure.


You did the correct thing in writing to [email protected] about your account and purchase/discount, however, without the forum, they've been doubly swamped, with almost 10000 enquiries about billing, support and accounts. Please be patient as they go through the queue of about 2,000 topics/tickets per day.  Your account will be sorted out; I assure you.  However, when you email multiple times and tweet all you're doing is quadrupling the workload for those folks and slowing, not expediting the response you expect.  Let them have the time to get through the extensive volume of emails and tweets and you will be answered.


I've been pretty much alone today in the forum, trying very hard to keep up with the sudden influx of posts. Some members of our team, completely exhausted, working 10 hour days had the day off today, and will be back tomorrow, even though it's really their day off.  I've been in here since 9AM, and after about 10 hours, took a short break for dinner.  I'm in now, and will try to help everyone.  Unfortunately, on activation issues, I must wait for them as much as you do, which I humbly apologize for.


All I can say is that with the Basic package, you're entitled to 1 website installation (so if you have multiple installations on the same site, it might say you've exceeded the allowed number).  It could also be as simple as a temporary glitch the billing office can resolve.


There's no need to be pissed, feel badly or resentful.  Can you imagine how we feel after nearly a year's work to see it attacked?  Not just the developers, but our entire team, who've all invested time, effort, tears and sweat to make DMS a great product.


Your kind patience as we work strenuously to restore everything is deeply appreciated.

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Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Rob, thanks for the reply.  I do understand.  I just wanted to make clear that in spite of entering my credentials, I was never activated, never.  I don't have multiple installations, in fact, I don't have ANY installations.  And on top of that, it says exceeded maximum activations.  See the dilemma?  It's maddening. 

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Some account updates were made on the backend, so it's likely just a small glitch that will be resolved in the fullness of time. 

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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