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PageLines Customize Plugin, where is it?

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x3mgroup    0



I am testdriving WP 3.6 RC2 + PageLInes DMS (free) before jumping for a Dev subscription.


According to PageLines DMS (own) docs - http://docs.pagelines.com/customize/pagelines-customize-plugin


The plugin should be available here:

PageLines DMS Toolbar → Store → Plugins → Free


But on my own installation i can seem to see this plugin, does any one has an idea why?


I have tweeted about the above several times @PageLines, but as usual no reactio, so i hope i get an answer here




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Rob    547

Charles, as you may have heard, we've experienced a serious problem since and even before the formal release of DMS.  We're still working expediently to recover from that difficulty.  Our help desk has been swamped, trying very hard to reply to thousands of emails, tweets and enquiries about accounts, installations and support while this Forum was down for several days.


I'm surprised you believe it is usuall to receive no reaction, since we've had extremely good feedback from customers saying our response time is excellent.  Having answered almost 10,500 topics here, I'm apologetic if you believe we've slowed any responses down.  I assure you we answer all questions as quickly as can be.


Our store is still being restored, and some products have not yet been updated to DMS. We're continuing to work on it as fast as humanly possible. Customize plugin should be listed in the DMS sections for Basic, Business or Pro licensees. The free version may not be available yet.

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bfrye26    3

On a basic account here and still no sight of Customize Plugin. I am also waiting for that along with a few other plugins that are needed to really make DMS work as intended. Is there an ETA on when these will be added back to the store?

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Rob    547

When we know that things are resolved, they'll be known to everyone.  We'll push everything to our site as they become available, so there's no ETA.  We're doing coding, not flying planes.  We don't have arrival times.


Please, be patient as we try hard to recover from a serious hacking.  Thanks for your patience. 

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Rob    547

Thanks Edvinas

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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