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Responsive Nav Menu for site that's had some challenges along the way

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Hello!  I am hoping someone from PageLines can help me with an issue...or that you can refer me to someone who can help.  Please forgive the lengthy message.  I did try to write this directly to PageLines vs. posting in the forum, but it was too long and wouldn’t fit in the message box.  I also tried to post in a different section of the forum, but it wouldn't let me post a new topic.


A while back, a friend of mine contacted me for help with her new WordPress site.  She had her current site in Dreamweaver, and a developer created her a new site in WordPress.  It was a custom theme, and it was (or at least appeared to be) filled with messy coding and just seemed all over the place.  Page content wasn't even on pages, it was in "categories".  It was VERY odd!  The guy who did that WordPress site took her money (lots of it) and didn't finish the site.  She then went through FOUR other developers/designers, and no one would/could finish the site for her.   Who knows why...but thankfully, she DID eventually find someone to finish it for her, and it (the new WP site) is now up and running. 


As soon as I saw the site, I looked on whatwpthemeisthat.com and saw that the site was built with PageLines.  Halleluyah!  An actual theme/framework that is known to the general public (including me!) and has clean coding!  WHEW! 


But now, she emailed me and said that she needs her site to be “mobile friendly”.  I explained to her that her site actually IS mobile friendly, as it clearly has responsive coding in there since I can see the site cascading into one column beautifully as I resize my browser.  The only issue now is with her navigation menu, as some of the coding was overridden.  If you click on the menu symbol that appears when you resize the browser, you'll see how funky it gets.  


It seems to me she just needs a responsive design expert to go in and fix or add the necessary coding to make the site look good and function appropriately on all mobile devices (FYI - she has a BlackBerry and of course isn't liking the way it looks). 


Unfortunately, though, the person who finished her site for her is “insisting” that she have a separate mobile site built.  I am no expert, but I do NOT think this is necessary.  Worst case scenario would be to add the WP Touch Pro plugin (yet the person who finished her site told her not to add any plugins as they will break her site - also something I don't agree with).  But, the best scenario would be to fix the coding.


My questions to you are:


1.     Will you look at the site and let me know if you think the navigation menu can be fixed with some additional (or revised) coding so that it looks better on mobile devices?


2.     When I look at the site on my phone, it’s actually not coming up as a responsive-looking site per se…I’m actually seeing exactly what I see on the desktop (so, a smaller version of her full site that needs to be zoomed in on to read the content vs. the contents cascading into one column).  If her site is indeed responsive, why might this be happening?


3.     If the site (specifically the nav menu) is indeed fixable, is there someone you can refer her to that she can hire to do that? 


The site is www.miniyogis.com.  She is not at all technical nor does she understand WordPress or themes or anything related to her site.  So, I want to help her make the best possible decisions.  


Thank you so very much!!

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The jetpack plugin comes with a free mobile plugin that works perfectly.


This section is for PageLines DMS support/questions.

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