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Custom Templates & Hooks?

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I'm not sure if I'm missing something but can I add code via hooks in template files the same way I do via the functions file?


For instance, I only want the dummy text "Foo!" to appear when a page is using the "Chapter Houston" template

	Template Name: Chapter Houston


	function asf_chapter_title() {

I can get the code using add_action to work in the functions.php file but not the template. Am I missing something?

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Adding a child theme or PageLines Customize plugin lets you safely add a hook.  Those can affect a section used on a template, but you cannot write to the template itself, as that's core code.  It would also be a pretty good way to crash the entire site.   Using hooks will allow you to add customizations via the hook and apply it to a section, which is then applied to the template.


Basically, you're getting what you desire, but in a few standard steps.

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