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Building a celeb website - need help with slideshow images

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Hi there Pagelines folks,


I've been hired to do a celebrity website (can't reveal until it is approved by celeb) and they want something really visual for the index page experience. I've attached a mock of what I'd like to do. I set up the feature to show the celeb logo/banner on top, which is working fine. The celeb wants a huge photo slideshow underneath the nav with about 4 photos that gently transition. The footer is working fine, except I'd like to put a great social bar on it somewhere since there are no columns with widgets available on this page.


So far, I have the template set up as a one column layout, but I'll need to get rid of the blog content that is showing up there and replace that with the huge photo slideshow.


Thanks a lot and I hope to hear from someone soon! =)



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Hi Krista,


You can create a static blog page by simply going to Dashboard > Pages > Add New.  Simply create a blank page (absolutely nothing in the edit field) and call it blog.  Save it.  Create your new homepage the same way, but you can add any content you desire to the edit field.


Now, go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and select the static page option.  There are two drop down lists.  For the top one, select your new homepage.  For the lower of the two, select the new blog page. Save your settings. 


Your homepage will now have no blog postings. 

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