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The bottom of my website has a white bar at bottom and the number one on the far left side.  It should be black like the top of my website.  I cant reach the Pagelines developer that I paid $1500 to convert my website.  Would someone please tell me how to fix this?  Thank you





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There is a 1 somewhere in the HTML for some reason.  I have no idea how it got in there.  It does not appear to be related to PageLines, as it is outside any of our code.


This could be from a deprecated plugin.  So, please go to Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins and select all the non-PageLines plugins (check the boxes).  There is a drop-down list above the list.  Select "Deactivate" and click the button to proceed.


See if the 1 disappears, along with the white line.


If it does, reactivate each plugin, one at a time. Inspect the site and refresh the browser after each reactivation.  If it occurs again, the last plugin reactivated was the culprit.  Deactivate that again, make a note of it, and continue with the reactivation process.


Find a replacement for the broken plugin, and delete it.


If the 1 doesn't disappear, then you'll need to dig into the site and find the 1 somewhere in the code.  I cannot imagine though, that a 1 would suddenly appear in your HTML code on its own, so I'm pretty confident that it is a plugin.

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