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404 pages not working

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We are migrating from a Rackspace Apache server to an Nginx server in AWS.  We have already switched over our dev and our test environments and were hoping to switch over the production environment tonight but there is an issue occurring in prod that isn't in dev or test.
All 404 pages that used to get the custom PL 404 page aren't working.  So for instance www.infousa.com/x gives a 404 in fiddler, but the custom PL 404 page doesn't show up.  
Since this site is not "live" yet to check out what I'm talking about you have to add the following to your hosts file: www.infousa.com  infousa.com
Then you can check a working page like www.infousa.com/sales-leads compared to www.infousa.com/x   Can anyone suggest what files or PL settings I might investigate to try and get the 404 page working again?

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It isnt a PageLines setting or indeed a WordPress setting.


You just need to configure nginx properly. http://bit.ly/15LZ03m ;)

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Well...our infrastructure team did a roll back of the files and then the 404 started working again.  So it seems to be something with the files.

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Or your permalinks were not updated, and couldn't place files in proper context.  Did you infrastructure team try updating permalinks?

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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