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Where to setup page options for blog index and blog post

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I am trying to manage the page options for my blog index and page the post page but they are not seeming to display as i want them to.


Blog index page.

I have added a content box section here which displays the revolution slider correctly.

I managed this in "Page option setup / blog page.


BUT, how do i specify the content box section default revolution slider on a POST page?


I cannot seem to see where to do that. It is a slider that is generic to all blog pages and possibly all pages where not specifically overwritten on the page itself.


I would love some input here.


thanks, have a great day.

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The content box is controlled via PageLines Meta Settings on a per-post basis.  The section must be in the Blog Post template in Dashboard > Drag & Drop > (either Page Template or Content Area).  Note that for full-width, use Page Template, of for a sidebar on the side, use Content Area.

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