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Where are the sections php files?

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Dear Pagelines team, I am trying to change info in post metabars on the Filtering section post loop page. I can determine the metabar contents in the global settings (Site Options - Blog and Post - Full Width Post Meta/Clip Metabar). But Filtering section apparently overrides the global settings - it only allows Date and Author or nothing in the metabar. I'd like to look at the section's function.php - if it has such - to see if something can be done about this. But I can't find them. I can find php files for the theme and for the plugins, but not for sections. Where should I look? Thank you for your help - and patience. I am still finding my feet in the land of code. Yours faithfully, Jan.

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caspersjan, the core code can be found in wp-content>themes>pagelines>sections from there choose your section and you'll see the functions.php file.

However, if you are using the child theme (best option), you'll want to add your changes to the child theme's function.php file to protect against upgrades.

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caspersjan, Hi. 

If you FTP into your site, you'll find at wp-content/themes/pagelines/sections, all the core sections.


Download the section folder you want to modify.   Open the folder and edit section.php.


Install the Base Theme via our Store.  Then, navigate via FTP to wp-content/themes/pagelines-template-theme/sections  and upload the folder.


Browse to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and activate the Base Theme.  You may have to go to Appearance > Menus and select the Theme Location again for your primary and other menus.


That should help you.  There is no functions.php file for each section.  If you want to edit functions.php, you can either use the functions.php in the Base Theme or install and use the functions.php in the PageLines Customize plugin.  You can find more about this here: http://support.pagelines.me/docs/plugins/pagelines-customization/

and http://support.pagelines.me/docs/customization/customization-methods/

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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