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Different Menu for Mobile

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I have a menu on the main site that uses images (not my idea, client insisted) but the mobile site also picks them up and makes a very long menu.


Can I specify a different menu for mobile easily?

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My first reaction is.... "clients.... oy!"  The menus using all images can't retract, being forced to display the images, so you end up with a very ugly menu in mobile. 


PageLines doesn't use a separate theme for mobile, but just 'conditions' the menu to display in a mobile format.  There are only a couple of options I think you can do.

1.  Tell your client he can't make things be just because he insists and that ' I " said so.

2.  Disable mobile view.  That will still make the site visible, but removes all the mobile settings, so you'll see the images, really small, but not stacked.

3.  Another option is to use the Browser Specific CSS plugin.  Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus, then click "Site Options".  Click the option for Custom Classes.  For each menu item, create a new custom class.  Using the plugin, for each possible browser, you can hide the menu item.  The only problem is finding something to replace the hidden items. 

4. When in doubt, remind your client of option 1.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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