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Want to reduce space below the feature

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Hi there,


Could you help me by informing me how I would reduce the space below the feature on my home page?  I want the posts to be closer to the feature. Right now there is a big white space between the two.


I have already placed this (#feature {margin-bottom: 0;}) in the CSS customization but it didn't work.


Here is the website home page: www.toolsforchange.net. 

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I would normally guide you how to find this, but since i had so much trouble doing so, it's probably best to just give you this CSS. 
.hentry .hentry-pad {
    margin-top: -35px;
    padding: 0 0 25px;
Add it to Dashboard > PageLines > Site Options > Custom Code.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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