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Upgrade Not Working: Fatal Error: Call to Member Function Delete()...

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Hmm, wish I had an answer for you. You might try hitting up PageLines support.

Something big is coming for DMS + photographers.



Nick Haskins & CO - New home for all of my PageLines Store products! 



Better DMS - News, Tutorials, and Tips



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Do you have a manual download of the plugin so i can manually upgrade it? 

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Nick, is there a manual zip so i can upgrade this plugin?

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    • jeremykirke
      By jeremykirke+
      Hi Chris,
      I've used Modal Popup on a site before and it worked brilliantly but I can't get it to work on this site: http://mydreamyprovence.com/
      The screen goes "dark" but the pop up (containing an email newsletter signup form shortcode) doesn't appear. I put a button on the page http://mydreamyprovence.com/contact-me/ so I could test it. 
      DMS version is  2.1.8
      WP 4.0
      Any ideas?
    • paul_t
      By paul_t
      Previously purchased BA Shortcodes and Decker 
      Tried to find some info on your site about where these products area now downloadable from and/or upgrades for DMS
      Help appreciated
    • Rob Thomas
      By Rob Thomas+
      I am having a problem with the latest install (Version 2.1.3) on Bad Ass Short Codes (which I haven't used until now). Everything works, except for the Quote. It works fine in DMS Visual Editor, but will not render correctly after you have logged out of WP and the Visual Editor. The result returns in Chrome, Firefox or Safari. I have tested this with plugins turned off and with different websites and different servers and I always get the same result. 
    • jane
      By jane
      The stylized pull quote is great feature however I'd like to know if it would be possible to create different versions of the quote mark?
      For example, with a bilingual website (English and French) it would be nice to be able to use the French style quotemark « for French pages.
      Would it be possible to add custom css to achieve this?
      Thanks for your feedback.
    • jane
      By jane
      I have a flickr set with 100+ photos in it which I'd like to display.
      However when I put in the short code:
      Only 10 photos appear.
      Is there a way to get all photos to show up?
      Thank you