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Customizing Home Page with Pagelines Platform

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I am running my Word Press blog with Pagelines Platform Free Version and have encountered some difficulties in customizing my home page and the search results page.


By default, Platform shows 30 most recent posts in the first page of the home page and 30 search results as well in the first page of search results.


However, the page is too long and I would like to cut the page to only showing 10 results / posts per page.


There isn't a home.php for me to edit and I have found postloop.php but no luck.


Does anyone knows how to customize the home page and search results page?


Thanks in advance.

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If you go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading, you can set the number of posts there.

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Hi Rob,


Thanks for your reply.


That's possible according to another thread:


But what I wish to know is that can I hard code it in my child theme?


The structure of Pagelines themes are a bit different since it is a framework and I wish to know how I can modify the homepage by adding in my code.


Specifically, which file in Pagelines / Platform controls the home page elements?


Thanks a lot again for all the help given.

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Unfortunately, that's a customization we couldn't support.  It means editing core files which isn't a supported activity.  Your site uses the WP settings, as it's supposed to do.

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