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AnyLoop - Another no-excerpt question and Titles

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dario+    20


First off, this is a really cool section! Thanks.


Now to the issue.

Is it possible to either add a mode or to add an option to the 'compact mode' to enable showing excerpts?

Or, am I doing something wrong which results in compact mode only showing the thumb and title? AFAIK, compact mode is not meant to show excerpts but perhaps I'm incorrect.


Attached is a shot of my settings and another of my rendered page (w/AnyLoop styled to not show a bg or borders).


Also, is there a way to add titles to the top of the section? If not within the section settings yet that might make a good addition to it.




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beardedavenger    158

Right compact mode isn't meant to display excerpts but I can add that option as it's been requested before. As far as a title, no there's no option for that at the moment.

Something big is coming for DMS + photographers.



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dario+    20
As for titles, I'm using Highlight sections above each AnyLoop. It works.

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dario+    20

Using Boxes/Box Sets and putting the AnyLoop shortcode into them also allows a title via the Box settings.

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