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    • kinglou75
      By kinglou75
      I need to override the settings in the Flyte form area. I downloaded ninja forms and even sprung for the style extension. But every time I try to change the color of the fields and text it defaults to that dark gray. How would I go about fixing that?
    • bkevitt
      By bkevitt
      The citi theme has several issues with ie8.  Most of them are fixed with by the IE compatibility script.  The one thing it breaks however is the font awesome icons.  The icons actually appear for a second or so when the page is loaded and then are replaced by what appear to be unicode strings like f09a.
    • chamainew
    • laurent_fintoni
      By laurent_fintoni
    • progressive01
      By progressive01
      Hi Nick,
      My citi theme website does not use the same layout option as your demo, we are using fixed width mode, as we didn't want the images full width like the demo. In this layout mode the menu keeps jumping to the right when you scroll. I have moved all custom code and this not not affect, so have counted that out.
      Is there a way we can get the navigation menu to stay centre in the different layout mode?   http://traditional-acupuncture-clinic.com
      Many thanks in advance