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Image size

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I need to increase the size of the images in the Portfolio to 600 px across. 

see example: http://dbmp.me.uk/wp/?attachment_id=867

I have set the Media sizes as such. thank you for helping out Nick H.

Width  Height 
 Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions (normally thumbnails are proportional) Medium size Medium sizeMax Width  Max Height  Large size Large sizeMax Width  Max Height 


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When you insert an image with Wordpress, it gives you options to choose the size.

Something big is coming for DMS + photographers.



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Hi Nick

i figured out how to keep the thumbnail correct and the image size on the page showing as the size it was uploaded at.

you have to select "Thumbnail" only

If you select "All Image Sizes" the image on the post will be a thumbnail


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Also to keep the circle thumbnails circles on the home page, you need to keep the images square, if they are landscape the circle thumbnails become box or landscape shaped. 

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Nick, you know how to report spammers by clicking the Report to Moderator link. Please use it. Just saying "spam Again" does not fix the issue. I'm trying to keep on top of this and I'd hope you'll help us get rid of it.  Thanks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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