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Page Templates and Content Area - Arranging Content in Template

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We are new to PageLines and building our first site. We several content areas custom arranged on the home page. We are wondering if we are building this in the correct way/approach.


Site link: http://dev.mantec.org/?page_id=350


We are using Template 2 for the home page. In the Page Template area we have 2 active sections: Universal Sidebar (contains the LayerSlider) and Content


In the Content Area we have 1 active section: PostLoop from left column content


In the SB1 Area we have 1 active section: Primary Sidebar (News Feed)


In the SB2 Area we have 1 active section: Secondary Sidebar (Custom content)


In the Morefoot Area: Full Width Sidebar (Customized even feed from Event Espresso)


In the Footer Area: Footer Columns Sidebar (4 columns of content)


Did we do this right? IS there a better way to get ALL the content in the Content Area?


When we preview the page we see ALL content here:



But when we set this page as the default home page: Settings> Reading>  Front Page: Home, most of the content disappears as seen here in JPG-No-2.jpg.


What do we need to change. Please help!!!



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Hi Wave,


If you're changing the default homepage to a static homepage, the static page will have custom content on it.  Did you also create a static blog page? That should have no content at all in the edit field when creating the page. 


The blog page uses the Blog template in both Page Templates.  A home page may use any of the available templates (Default, Template 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5).


It looks like there may be some template issues I may be able to discover.  Please create an admin level new user and send the credentials to [email protected]  I will take a look and then report back to you hear.


Just to let you know, I am finished for the day in about 45 minutes, so I may not reply until tomorrow.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Created the account and sent you the info.


One other thing, in addition to the problem I posted. I purchased the PageLines YouTube plugin, but on won't install. Getting an error message. Says no valid plugin found when i select the ZIP file downloaded.



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Gary, did the zip file download from your Launchpad account, or did it come from the Store via your site or via our site?

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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It would appear some plugin you're using for widget control is not doing its job correctly.  Instead of displaying your sidebars on the homepage, it's actually hiding the content.


The page and content area templates are all correct.  There are only two possible options I can think of: A plugin conflict with other plugins, or possibly with that widget management plugin.  I can't see anything wrong with your setup. 


The reason your sidebar widgets disappear when you set your static Home page to being the default via Dashboard > Settings > Reading, is simply that once you make it the homepage, the plugin no longer wants to treat it as if it were a standard page (where the widget plugin works).


When I look at your custom blog page, the sidebars vanish there too.


I'd replace that plugin with Widget Logic, which is known to work perfectly with PageLines.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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