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Willem-Siebe Spoelstra

Content boxes question

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Willem-Siebe Spoelstra



I have 3 questions, I want to render with shortcodes content on my 404 page.


I read about the content box to use for 404 pages, I installed this, but I can't find it anywhere in the menu's where I have to add content, can you point me in the right direction?


Then, I read on the page from the content boxes in the comments it can't render shortcodes, if this is the case then I have a problem, how do I render a page with shortcodes in that case for my 404 page.


Question about the 'normal' boxes, there are 3 examples which I can't delete or put in 'concept' mode, so at this moment there is a link available for that box that works, I don't want that actually.


Kind regards,



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If you've added the Content Box to your 404 page, go to Dashboard > PageLines > Page Options and click on the 404 Page tab there. Select Content Box and add the content you want right there.   I do not know if shortcodes work in the Content Box.


If they do not, then in Dashboard > PageLines > Drag & Drop, replace the Content Box with the Universal Sidebar.  You can then go to Dashboard > Appearance > WIdgets.  Add a Text Widget and place your shorcode in the Text Widget.  Save. 


Willem, the default boxes can be found via Dashboard > Boxes > Boxes.   Click on each one, edit it and save.  The links for any box are located within the box settings.

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