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Viewer Viewer plugin stopped working

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I just installed Viewer 1.0.7 and activated it. The first gallery I created works well and you cn see Viewer in action:

the code in text mode is [gallery ids="32,35,36,37"]


The second gallery I create tith a similar code do not work: it does not display a Viewer gallery nor a default WP gallery:


The 2 posts are a couple minutes away, I did not upgrade/install other stuff inbetween besides Any Loop section by the same author.


apache2 logs show no errors.



I managed to create a new Viewer gallery:

but unable to create another one here, whete a WP gallery shows:


reading the forum archives it seems that the plugin relies on the Visual post editor, can the author please document the correct steps to use this plugin?


Edit and solved

Ths comment thread on the author product page leads to the solution:

The author writes:


One thing that's changed in 3.5 is the media library, so you HAVE to make sure that the images your uploading, are "uploaded to this post."


That change they made is really reaking havok with support releated queries lately because I have other sections that use similar logic.


If the gallery you create, if those images are attached to that post, it wont work.


And indeed, testing that I found out it's true. So it's important to point out that Viewer galleries only work with images that have been specifically uploaded/attached to the post or page they are in. I hope the author comments on that.

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Yep wish WP made this easier! Sorry for the troubles Jan!

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