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removal of twitter feed on media download pages

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josiegamble    0

Hi there,

I have added a few PDF media donwloads on a site but when you view the download page the twitter feed apperas at the bottom. I don't want this to appear.

In the settings I have not even entered the Twitter account so I was under the impression that means it won't appear in the site at all.

I'm sure it's a simple solution, thanks in advance for your help.


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Rob    547



First, let me say that PlatformPro is no longer supported and has come to the end of its life cycle.  It will likely break with the release of WordPress 3.6. You should act now to upgrade to PageLines Framework or risk the loss of your site's appearance.  Please write to hello@pagelines.com to request any available discounts.


If you go to Dashboard > PlatformPro  and look for Template options in the settings.  You should see a drop down list.  Go through each and look for the Twitter feed.  Just remove it from there by drag & drop.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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