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Multiple post-types

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Hey Nick, I just wanted to check in on registering multiple post-types. Any changes afoot for Pockets/V3? 

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I've got some ideas because V3 handles post types a little differently now.

Something big is coming for DMS + photographers.



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hey Nick, no pressure, I just wondered whether multiple pocket slugs was in the pipeline. I'm using it for courseware and it would be great to be able to segregate the content beyond the filters.

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    • adesouza
      By adesouza
      Hey there!
      Getting a weird intermittent error, where about a couple of times a week the pockets archive page of a site we built for a client will not resolve and we get a 404.
      I can get it to work by going into the page options dashboard and changing and then unchanging the slugs, and when I save the settings it usually goes away. Makes me think that maybe there something weird going on with url rewriting?
      It's very weird. Its fine now as I usually get a few frantic calls from the client and then have to fix, but would appreciate any info or help. Thanks!
    • Donnie Darko
      By Donnie Darko
      By setting a Custom Structure to -> /%category%/%postname%/ DMS no longer work correctly, and returns a 404 page   Activating standard theme works all the correct  
      Clean installation!!
      My settings
      custom slug -> /%category%/%postname%/
      my .htaccess
      # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /index.php [L] </IfModule>   # END WordPress
    • kneops
      By kneops
      Hello Nick,
      I want to purchase pockets, but have two for me rather important questions about the functions.
      A customer likes the pockets for his site, but wants the images/gallery not to be at the bottom of the page but in first place or perhaps right behind the excerpt. Is that possible? It should be a presentation of products.
      Second, on the right of the images in the gallery there first is the title and underneath soms descriptive text. According to the video, that text is inserted into the caption field of the image, but does that allow line breaks? My customer should be able to add a short description, then hit enter for a new line or white line, and than add some more text. Or is the description field used of the caption field is empy?
    • caspersjan
      By caspersjan
      Dear Nick, I finally got my teeth into Pockets, having had it installed for a few months now. It looks great. And the documentation is excellent.  I could not find any mention of global settings for Pocket labels though. Is that not possible? I am trying to set up a system whereby the Pockets can be populated with content sent in by users through a form (I saw you mention Gravity in other sections, I use Formidable but I am sure they work more or less in the same way). For this, the different labels would have to be custom fields with specific names. But even if I create all the Pockets manually, it would seen useful to have a global setting for the labels, if they are to be always the same. Does this make any sense? If you think there is a way to work it out, let me know or even point me in the right direction. Thanking you, greetings and good luck. Yours faithfully, Jan.
    • anderskrus
      By anderskrus
      Since I uppgraded Pockets my "pockets" doesn't come up in the self generating archive mode. Instead it pulls previous blog posts. 
      My slug is /forfattare - authors.
      I really love this product - haven't seen anything look so good. And the archive mode is nicer then the shortcodes when I only have sex authors to show. 
      I really do hope that this is a bug that can be fixed. And I also keep my fingers crossed that it will be possible to have several pockets/slugs going at the same time.