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Question about LESS plugins

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Hi Evan,


Since I started using PL almost a year ago, I've always added custom CSS in the PL child theme's style.css file.


I'm trying to figure out where this whole LESS thing fits into the grand scheme of things... especially workflow.


I use Dreamweaver to edit CSS and WP files.  If I decide to start customizing LESS, should I still use Dreamweaver or is that best handled in the WP dashboard?


Also- I'm not fully understanding the differences between the following plugins:

  • Page{LESS}
  • LESS Developer
  • LESS Factory



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Hi prodentite,


That's a big question.  I'm assuming you know what LESS is, if not, it's worth reading up on: http://lesscss.org/ and http://leafo.net/lessphp/docs/#the_language.


So less is pretty powerful, easy to learn and you can always fall back on straight CSS.


Where it fits into the scheme of things.. it's just an awesome tool to use, and it's a really cool feature of pagelines.


I don't use Dreamweaver, but editing LESS files is not specific to a program.  You may work with them the same way you would CSS files, it's really your preference.


One benefit of using LESS is that all LESS get's loaded into one file which may also be minified depending on your settings.  These things can increase your site's load time as styles are loaded as 1 file, rather than 10-20+ files.  Each CSS file you use adds a http request for the client's browser and increases the page load time.


About my LESS-related products:

  • Page{LESS} - adds the ability to add custom LESS / CSS that will only be loaded on that page.  Also supports special pages like category, author, & 404.
  • LESS Developer - this is an interface for editing less files in your installation, be they child theme or section less files, customize plugin files, or your own files you have added.  It's also a helpful tool for someone who wants to learn more about LESS as you can use it to experiment with different code and see what comes out.
  • LESS Factory - this is a handy tool for quickly adding many custom less variables which can be defined using things like a color picker or image upload option.  These options make changing variable values quick and easy (as well as visual).  It also gives you the ability to take generated code to use your variables in your project without requiring LESS Factory.

Each product's page is linked above, each of which has more information about each, along with screenshots and other links.


Hope that helps,



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Thank you for the in depth response! Sounds like I have some homework to do!

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