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Scrollex layout control doesn't work.

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Hi ,


I bougth a scrollex for my site , and tried to use it , but the layout control doesn't work.


I tried to use html text and wordpress page id on the text area but when I click on the link , it doesn't work.


Can you help me plese?

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Sure I'm updating a lot of products over the next week in preparation for the next version of PageLines. All bugs. issues will be resolved shortly. Thanks for your patience! With as many products as I have it's taking me some time to get through and fix existing bugs, while preparing for the next version. 

Something big is coming for DMS + photographers.



Nick Haskins & CO - New home for all of my PageLines Store products! 



Better DMS - News, Tutorials, and Tips



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thank you!


I hope that you can resolve the problem as soon as possible. I'm waiting for the solution, because I need to finished my site right now.

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    • BlueSkyCreative
      By BlueSkyCreative+
      Hi there, I used your scrollex on my first site no worries and it works great www.consultgreenenergy.co.uk but I have tried to use it on 2 sites since and the scroll action doesnt seem to work? I have disabled all my plugins but still doesnt work...
      Any Ideas as to how to fix it? currently trying to put it on here http://itsimpossible.net/community-broadband/ as you will see its not scrolling...
      Also while Im on..lol Is it supposed to adjust its stile to the sites? I played in the css to change bits but think it might not like the transparency theme as it shows a white background?
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      Hello, I am not sure if this counts as a question or feature request. I am implementing Scrollex - perfect and beautiful for step-by-step tutorials, with smooth scrolling. But a few times I think of an extra step after I had made all the sections. It is easy to add a section, but is it possible to insert one between existing sections? So far I have had to manually copy/delete/paste all subsequent sections. An option to add or delete (or, low and behold, change the order of) section would be a great boon! 
      Thank you, as ever, for your time and attention. Yours faithfully, Jan.