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Blog posts as excerpts on home page?

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Hi,  I am using "latest posts" for my home page.  I want to have the first post show full content and then the rest of the posts on that page as full width excerpts, not as magazine mode, is there a way to do this? 

Basically the way the full width catagory page looks but with the first post showing full content. 


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The best, and only practical way to accomplish this is by manual post management.  In other words, you go to your latest post, edit it, and copy the entire content of your post, pasting it into the Excerpt field. 


When you write your next post, go back into that last one, and trim the content of the excerpt field to the first one or two sentences.


For each new post, copy and paste the content to the excerpt field, and just remember to trim the last one when you post the next new one, or you'll have multiple posts with full excerpts.


Unfortunately, we don't have a plugin yet that will do this kind of excerpt management.

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