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Arrows show when disabled

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I just purchased Hero Nav.

I made some changes in colours on the current page then removed it but the colours remain the same.

I disabled the arrows for drop downs too but they still appear.

I've tried deactivating, deleting and reinstalling but it retains those settings even though the sliders are set to 0 and arrows should be switched off.

Can you help please?



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Hey paulzz1,
Sorry to hear you're having trouble.  Something sounds strange.  Can you perhaps show me some screenshots of what's happening?
I made some changes in colours on the current page then removed it but the colours remain the same
I'm not sure what you mean by this.  Colors are set under the global Hero Nav options under Site Options.  They are not set on a per-page basis.
Regarding the dropdown arrows, just to clarify: those apply to arrows that appear on the dropdown menus themeselves, not the carets that are inside the top level menu item.  Are you referring to the carets?

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Thanks for the quick reply.


Colours: I don't want the hover or Current Page/Item Contrast state to be different colours from the 'normal' menu colour. The sliders to change those colours are set to 0 although I did experiment before deciding to set them back.


Arrows: I guess I mean both. The main menu bar has arrows indicating there's a sub-menu and the sub-menus have arrows indicating a further sub-menu. I don't want either. Both the check boxes for 'enable arrows' in the main Pagelines Header and Footer section and in the Hero Nav section are deselected.


Could there be an errant stylesheet persisting outside of the Hero Nav section folder?


Despite all this though I'm very impressed with it. I did a site a while back (http://caldew.cumbria.sch.uk/) and it took AGES to get close to what you've made possible in minutes!



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Thanks Paul!


I just deployed version 1.0.6 which should take care of everything.


About the colors, there was a problem where some default values were being used for the state contrast values when you tried to save a 0 value.


About the arrows, I've added 2 new options, so there are now options to control the visibility of each of the different kinds of arrows, and such. You're not the first person to ask about some of these, and I admit that the one option that was there was making it a little confusing for folks to understand just which ones it was controlling.


So, thanks for your support, let me know if there's anything else.  You should see the update available when you go to Store > Sections > Your Added Sections.


Please let me know if anything is out of the ordinary after updating.  Thanks!




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Hi Evan

Thanks but the store says 1.05

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The update is definitely live.  Maybe it took longer than usual for the new version to show up.  Usually it shows up right away as soon as it's deployed.


See here from the Pagelines dashboard inside wp-admin: http://screencast.com/t/tqzkM0HS

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Just got it mate. Lovely - all sorted thanks. Just about to buy Sidekick too. Excellent stuff.



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