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Unique Sidebar for Custom Pages

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I have four pages that I would like to make a custom sidebar for. I have each of the pages designate a seperate template (1, 2, 3 and 4).
I have the custom sidebars created, but it appears that the drag and drop only differentiates the content of the page but not the sidebars. Is there a way to do this? I also noticed that my SB2 was not showing any of the sidebars I dropped into it. Thanks.


Pagelines Version: 2.4.1

WP Version: 3.5.1. 

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Hi Jer,


First, in terms of adding widgets to SB2, can you tell me if SB2 is one of the standard sidebars or one of your custom ones?  Is it hidden under any of the options for hiding sidebars? (On page, via PageLines Meta Settings, or globally via Dashboard > PageLines > Page Options.)


Are you just trying to assign widgets to specific pages? If so, we recommend Widget Logic, which is much easier than manipulating new, custom sidebars in Framework.   Widget Logic tells a sidebar widget which pages, posts, categories, or other areas of your site to appear upon, effectively hiding them from other areas.  If nothing is set in the Widget Logic field (left blank), then the widgets appear everywhere. So you can manage those widgets pretty easily.


Send us a link to the site, please.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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      By nfp1900
      I'm using the custom sidebar widget v. 1.3 (as recommended) to get content into the widgetizer where required. However, any new sidebars that I've created since the update don't display the content and others don't seem to update if you change it. 
      I've created a new sidebar, added some obvious widgets that I know will show up, selected it in widgetizer saved and refreshed - area is empty. Choose something like the primary sidebar or something that I created earlier and it shows up. 
      I'm also finding that widgets can be deleted from the custom sidebars but they aren't deleting or updating the content on the page.
      On the left, Quick Links is a widget that I put an image widget etc in to test - nothing shows up. Adjacent under the forum, this is an empty widget but it still shows up. 
      Have double-checked this, using latest DMS and WP, everything is up to date. Let me know if you recommend another plugin?