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    • Samuel Costa - UDF
      By Samuel Costa - UDF+
      I need a shortcode activate a popup windows with contact form. It is possible without code?
      Link: https://www.udf.org.br/lancamentos/curso-mulher-que-prospera/
    • JawDesigns
      By JawDesigns
      Hi everyone,
      When you click an image on grandstand it opens the image at the top with a small close icon. The image does not fit as well as I had hoped. I think it will require quite a bit of CSS to make it look as I wanted. Therefore, I think the easier approach for me is to disable it from do this. Is there a way to disable this when clicking on an image in grandstand so that nothing happens?
      Kind regards,
    • pauloso
      By pauloso
      Dear Chris,
      I have a page with multiple pop-ups.
      When user clicks on the link it was supposed to open the pop-up.

      But when we click it opens up the pop-up and immediately closes it.
      I tested it on many browsers and all had the same strange behavior.

      You can see it on page: http://qualitaexpress.com.br/etapas-de-uma-importacao/
      Click on any of the links under the main big icons.

      Or click on any of the buttons on page: http://qualitaexpress.com.br/servicosparaimportacao/

      I have WordPress 4.0.1 running iBlogPro theme.
      Any idea on how to fix it?
    • hottheo
      By hottheo
      Ahoy Humans
      I can't properly convey how much i hate google chrome. unfortunately all of us DMS users have to utilize GC as a browser to edit our pages. I have enabled "pop-up blocker" and in doing so i had to sign away my web privacy (proper google style). but now when i have my pop up blocker enabled i cannot see my site (backend, font end etc) so i am forced to pause my pop up blocker to edit my site which, in turn, makes me close adds and spam-page-redirects EVERY SINGLE TIME i click on ANYTHING. I was under the impression that DMS 2 was a "revolutionary" new way to edit and change your website on the fly...unfortunately being cornered into using Google Chrome turns 'Revolutionary" into "Annoying and time consuming." I should be spending my day off editing my site but instead i am composing this forum article to articulate my frustrations. Square Space is looking better and better every day. 
      Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions. 
      FYI- all of my files/plugins/ themes etc are up to date. 
      Thank you. 
      - HT 
    • fiscalcliff
      By fiscalcliff+
      The Cool Carousel appears to work correctly in all browsers except (you guessed it) Internet Explorer.
      The carousel is loaded with YouTube videos, but the videos lay on top of the carousel's forward and back buttons---in IE only, looks great in Chrome and Firefox.
      Additionally, I'm also using Poppy to generate a pop-up contact form and the carousel lays on top of the pop-up as well.
      Is there a way to overcome the apparent z-index problem in Internet Explorer?
      Here is a demo site:  http://demo010.hotforwebs.com/