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Since updated clients website with PageLines framework, Google search results started to show HTTPS URL of the site!


Even though we never had SSL or any secure pages with hosting company.


Is there any setting in PAGELINES framework that might have caused Google to index HTTPS instead?


Here is the SERP, second results:




I have contacted hosting company, they say nothing changed, we never had SSL activated.


Have re-submited the site to Google webmasters tool, so far nothing happened.


Teh problem is visitors clicking on Google SERP to get to my clients website, get certificate warning.


I thought maybe someone know something about this?


thx a lot.


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Do you mean that the URL of the search engine (Google) results include https ?


Or do you mean that the links that the Google results page shows are https?



All the links on the page, when searching for your client's site are normal http:  I get for example:

http://www.vellorevillagepethospital.com/contact-us/ but nothing with an https. 

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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