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theinfinitywall    0



Is there a way to remove the margin padding around an image I uploaded to media, to use as a link for the author bio.


Trying to remove the padding around the image, so there is no white border.


Link to example: http://www.rawfocus.net/?p=1181


I have tried uploading it in several different sizes, large, small, cropped, uncropped. Produces the same border for some reason.







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greenfly    230
This is pretty straight forward to do and would require custom CSS. 
I recommend using Firebug or your browsers built-in web dev tools and inspect the Media sections to find the correct code to remove the Padding.
For assistance visit our custom CSS documentation - http://support.pagelines.me/docs/customization/custom-css/

The answer to many issues can be found by searching in the forum before posting as someone else  may very well have had the same problem before you have.  Also, reading the documentation can help you gain a good understanding of how everything works. 


Please do not send me private messages. Occam's razor - The principle states "Keep things simple!"

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Rob    547

theinfinitywall - Please note that PlatformPro is a legacy theme and deprecated.  Support for this product is extremely limited as it has reached the end of its life cycle.   We thoroughly expect the next future update of WordPress could disable PlatformPro.  Thus we strongly recommend that you upgrade promptly to PageLines Framework to avoid losing your settings, and the public visibility of your site.


If you write to hello@pagelines.com, our business team can provide any available discounts.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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