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How can I center navigation?

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ashbybp    1



I've tried several different ways to center the main navigation for our site, but it still prefers to be a left-handed wallflower. 


I used the code from 'sexy snips' and some code found in the forum from a user who sought to do the same thing last year. I even tried a couple of plugins. 


I have a large number of plug-ins on my site so I deactivated everything and then cleared the cache as per some forums I read earlier. Still no love. 


Thoughts? Suggestions? Code for the custom code area? (also, I put the custom code in the CSS Rules section). To be clear I have no knowledge of CSS at all. When I have time I will attempt learn, but for now I'm relying on those far more clever than myself. lol


Please let me know.




Noob. (aka Mary)

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If I need help, or ask a question, please talk to me like a two year old. I'm new at this. Thanks!


If you're looking to publish a book on Wordpress (even for Pagelines only) for absolute beginners please contact me at mdunford@ashby-bp.com. I'm a book publisher.

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Rob    547

Hi Mary,


I see you're using the Simplicitate theme.  I'm therefore referring this to the developer's forum queue for his reply. Your kind patience is appreciated.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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ashbybp    1

No worries Smartegg. Cheers. Mary

If I need help, or ask a question, please talk to me like a two year old. I'm new at this. Thanks!


If you're looking to publish a book on Wordpress (even for Pagelines only) for absolute beginners please contact me at mdunford@ashby-bp.com. I'm a book publisher.

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fouldedly    0
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      Feel free to delete this post if its not helpful or its just plain wrong.
      I though it might be useful to share how I customize the size of the builder. (reduce my eyestrain )
      1 - install stylerbot extension in chrome (stylerbot keeps this css every time you access the url)
      2- add this css to stylerbot for the site you are working on
      .CodeMirror {
          font-size: 14px;
          height: 600px;
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          width: 500px;
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          right: 500px ;
      change sizes to suit.