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Add clickable link in squared

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Hi Alek,


Just wanting to know if it is possible to add a clink-able link into the text area of squared, I know there is the icon and I have used that, but would love within the text.




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Is the squared link field working in the latest release.  I an trying to add a link to an internal wordpress page and can't figure out why when I click the square it is not going to the worpress page.  The square are still showing the popups.  Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong>


Thank you - Chules

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    • microsqueek
      By microsqueek
      I have another A.Hannson plugin problem, which I'm hoping someone can help with. The Squared plugin allows you to add links, so the image takes you to a new page. Unfortunately, you can't decide whether it's in the same page (_self) or a new page (_blank). It always opens in a new page.
      Do you have any suggestions for custom code that would instruct the plugin to open in the same window? I tried modifying the PHP files directly, but didn't have any effect.
      You can see what I mean here: http://dev.transitionbydesign.org/projects - the two buttons on the top left have links.
    • microsqueek
      By microsqueek
      Hi Aleksander, quick question - is there a way to tell Squared to open a link in the same page instead of in a new one? Right now it's going to a _blank, but I don't really know how to tell it to stay _self.
      I'm sure you know what I mean, but if you want an example, it's what happens when you click the top left box in the Squared section here: http://dev.transitionbydesign.org/home
      Any thoughts?
      Many thanks.
    • chules
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      I am running Wordpress 3.8 and DMS Pro 1.1.5. I instaled Squared but can not figure out why I can't disable the arrows.  I have both options checked.  I wish to remove the arrows.  Is this possible and is Squared compatible with the versions I am running.  Attached is a screenshot showing my settings.
      Thank you