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Work with Trickle?

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I use Nick Haskins' Trickle on a site I'm reworking, jfspencer.staging.wpengine.com. Features doesn't work properly with it as Trickle uses Cycle 2 and Features uses Cycle 1. (I don't understand what that means, I just know that is what Nick posted in a response on his forum.) Do you know if Accordy Slider will work with Trickle? If you don't know, any reason why it might not that you can think of. I need some kind of Features like slider and I like Accordy but am hesitant to take the plunge. Let me reiterate, however, how much I like Squared. :D

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I do not see any reasons why it should not work as it is different jquery scripts that is being used.

Also Nick and I both nest our LESS files so that there will not be any styling issues.


If there should be a problem, just let us know and we will work it out and push an update for our sections within a few days or hours.


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I purchased and installed the section. Seems to work fine except I cannot get the duration of each slide to change.  I have tried 1000 and 1200 in Safari, Chrome and Firefox though not in IE, and I see no change in duration.  Otherwise, I like the section and it does seem to play nice with Trickle.

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