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Pagelines Pro Maximum Features - won't change number shown

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Hi Rob,


Making a lot of progress with layout and format ... Thanks!   I wil get those ads into the right slots soon --- just getting all of the pages ready and page numbers written down so I can do it all at once. Still having a bit of a challenge with the home page feature slider - how do I find out the exact size of the slider so I can build my slides to the correct size? Some are still being cut off at the head. :-)

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Go to Dashboard > PageLines > Site Options > Layout Editor.  Scroll down.  You will see the full-width size there.  That's your number. 


So, if it says "960px" then resize the images to 960px in a graphics editor.  When you do, the graphics editor will tell you what the new height is.  Make sure all your images are standardized to the same size.  


Then, go to the slides in Dashboard > Features and replace the old picture with the new.  


Change the PageLines Meta Settings to reflect the new static height, whatever it is.

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