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    • brightgreenhomes
      By brightgreenhomes
      i tried to automatically update my EcoPro template to Wordpress 4.1.
      At first it just seemed to get stuck. Than my site was down for 30mins. Now the site works but if I try and access my wordpress dashboard I get this message:
      Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_json_encode() in /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage98/br/ig/ht/brightgreenhomes.co.uk/public_html/wp/wp-admin/includes/misc.php on line668
      Can someone please help.
      My site is www.brightgreenhomes.co.uk
    • tforasiepi
      By tforasiepi+
      Website URL:  http://bluelogicllc.net/texascenterurology/ Framework Version: DMS 2.04 WordPress Version: 3.9 Plugins in Use: Akismet, BE Subpages Widget,Better iBoxes, Dms Developer Tools, Select DMS, Professional Tools, Events Made Easy, Gravity Forms, PageLines Updater,WordPress SEO, WP-DBManager, WP Super Cache Server/Host:  HostGator   Details:  We are developing a new site and recently updated the site to DMS2 and all plugins were working correctly.  We then added a Child Theme called Nick's Base Theme and had to make some adjustments to the site, but all was good with the exception of the Better iBoxes plugin.  We had purchased, installed, and set it up prior to the DMS2 upgrade and Base Theme addition.  Now it does not give us the options we had before and believe it has switched back to the free version.     We want the boxes to be square.   We deleted the plugin and re-installed it, but it did not solve this issue.  When you are in the editor, the section title says "iBox linked to "Home Template" template".  Could this be causing the issue and if so, how can we fix it?   Thanks.   -Taama
    • macwade
      By macwade
      After I updated to DMS 1.1.1 my site won't load DMS.  It is just listing the content.
    • rubyhaus
      By rubyhaus
      For some reason every time I upgrade to a new version of Pagelines Framework, the Features Section seems to break.

      In other words, instead of all slides being hidden except the one being viewed, they instead all for lack of better words Clear one another on the page and are all visible.

      Anyone else having issues like this with Features?


      username: pagelines
      password: developer
    • labelnet
      By labelnet
      I am attempting to upgrading from Platform 1.4.1 to Pageline 2.3.8 with an install of wordpress 3.4.2. and once I activate the theme my previous posted content is displayed without any theme layout. See wigmag.com for results. I have followed all instructions provided about upgrading. I have removed all widgets and plugins. Twice I have deleted the theme, obtained a new download and installed the pageline theme with the same results. In an email exchange with support, they think it might be caused by a permissions issue, but provide no clue to what files or direcctories that would be. The server I'm running it on is using PHP version 5.2.10, MySQL version 5.0.51.