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W3TC - Vanilla Forum integration - problem

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In this install (http://www.mallorcanytt.com) i run a Vanilla Forum with the Pagelines Vanilla integration module.


When i installed W3TC the Vanilla Forum install (on subdomain) was cached and stopped loading. More info below:




Am i doing anything wrong regarding the combination PageLines + Vanilla + W3TC?

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W3 Total Cache requires some knowledge, it isn't as simple as enabling the plugin and it works, come configuration is required. I recommend you read the documentation and guides on how to use W3 Total Cache or better yet, don't use it at all.


Cache plugins are only required if your sites receives high traffic, if you're trying to improve your sites performance I recommend you first of all stop using Shared Hosting. I have just completed a test on your domain and found you have nearly 1000 websites! On the server your site is located, these other 999 websites are all using the same resources as your site.


Shared hosting is not known for its performance but mainly for being cheap hosting.


I recommend using a CDN, contacting your host and asking them to relocate your site to a less populated server, purchase a plan/package from your host that isn't shared hosting or purchase a VPN.

VPN offer great performance and only your site(s) will be hosted on them, Linode offer reasonable prices for VPNs and they're quick. Sites that do not receive high traffic do not need to use a caching plugin.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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