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    • artelisys
      By artelisys
      Line 216, Column 113: Attribute width not allowed on element script at this point.
      <script width="100" type="IN/Share" data-url="<?php echo $a['permalink'];?>" data-width="<?php echo $a['width'];?>" data-counter="right"></script> Attributes for element script: Global attributes src type charset async defer crossorigin File: ./wp-content/themes/dms/sections/sharebar/section.php
      Anyway this can be fixed on next release. I have removed this attribute as a temp fix?
    • tperkins
      By tperkins
      Can you point me to any statement that verifies that page lines is W3C compliant?
      Submitting page lines built site to a state agency and this would help.
    • radroz
      By radroz
      Hey guys, I'm having a major problem with the Framework and a theme I created for it. I duplicated the theme from http://madeintheshadesa.com and loaded it to http://blindsorfloors.com, and it's been throwing all kinds of errors.

      I checked the validation on both, and ended up with 662 errors on the blindsorfloors.com site:


      But the madeintheshadesa.com site has a few errors, but nowhere near as many.

      As a result, the page will start to load and then end up with all of the CSS being cleared — settling down with text on a white screen. Or, it'll just show skewed layouts.

      Customer is in Canada. I have several more of these to do — so I'm at a loss until I get this figured out.

      Yes, I deactivated all plugins. Same problem.

      Please help!