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Hi Nick,


Love Gridly - one thing I have found is if we put a caption on some but not all images, on the blank ones a light grey box still appears where the caption should be - this is happening in Safari and in the ipad for me. - Screenshot attached.


Again as others have said, would love the caption to be available in lightbox also if possible one day  :)


Many thanks in advance


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Yeah unfortunately they all have to have captions if you want captions. I think there's a note about this in the instructions. It's because the entire caption thing is js driven so it counts foreach image and adds caption. I'll look into seeing what we can do about this and lightbox captions. Lightbox is drawn after dom loads so its a challenge.

Something big is coming for DMS + photographers.



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Thanks Nick, couldn't find it in the instructions, but may have missed it.


Thanks also re lightbox, that would make it super cool :)

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