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    • forwardseven
      By forwardseven
      Hi guys, I have been using 'special recent posts' plugin to display recent posts via a category with a thumbnail as well, however it seems the text overlaps the thumbnails in columnizer and widgetizer. Any help would be appreciated...
      website is www.huonvalleyhome.com
    • BentleyD
      By BentleyD+
      Is there an option to make the rev slider or quickslider show your most recent posts?
    • elangley
      By elangley
      Hello All,
      Looking to increase the line space between posts for the default Recent Posts widget.
      This article from wordpress.org provides a solution.
      Which style sheet would be updated in Pagelines?
      WordPress 3.5.1
      Pagelines 2.4
      Pagelines Base Theme 1.0.2
    • maureen1671
      By maureen1671
      Is it possible to put  the 3 most "Recent Posts" like the  "Widget" in a box and add it to a box set? So I could show the titles of the blog posts as links in the box.  How would I do that if possible?
    • katemhamilton
      By katemhamilton
      Hi everyone,

      I'm looking for a way to create a photo slideshow that is driven by a most recent posts query. I'm currently using the QuickSlider section to render a slideshow of most recent posts and driving readers to the most recent articles. I update this manually though so I'd really like to drive it by a most recent posts query. I haven't had much luck finding a section that does this within Pagelines. Does anyone know of a solution or have an idea of how to handling this?


      website: logansquarist.com