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Hi Andrew, Either you or one of your team were kind enough to renew my membership of this forum, for which I thank you. In iBlog 3 I cannot get the image to show on a page, http://www.frenchsupport.com/?page_id=17 which is set as a Highlight Page. I am sure this is a dumb HTML question but could you help me out here please? Also, and as an aside, when my forum access was kindly reset it shows my membership as "lifetime", presumably because I was one of the earliest to have faith in what is now the "Rolls Royce" of WP themes. Could I stretch my request to receive iBlog4 please? I will happily accept a public "NO" and a private email with the D/L link. Again, my congratulations on the success of Pagelines and the courtesy of your growing team, Andrew JAMES Paris [email protected]

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