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How do I get my videos to show up on my main page while still having the experts of other posts?  The posts that only contain videos aren't displaying anything except the title.




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Videos cannot be used as a post thumbnail and display in a blog entry on a blog page as such.


You can go to Dashboard > PageLines > Store  > Sections > Top Paid and get TwinShot (free for Plus members).


One you have it installed, you go to Dashboard > PageLines Drag & Drop.  Click on Page Templates.  Select Blog from the templates available.


You'll see TwinShot in the Available Sections. Move it (drag & drop) to Active Sections. Position it above the Content section.


Now, go to Dashboard > PageLines > Page Options. Select the Blog tab.  Then, select TwinShot. 


This is where you'll paste the links to your Youtube or Vimeo videos, complete with description and title.  You may add 10 videos. 


You'll now see a carousel (of sorts) on the top of your blog page, which has your videos. It will not have sidebars next to it.


If that's not suitable,  You can embed your videos inside the post content and display full post content in the homepage.  This will seriously slow down the time the page takes to load.


Let us know which you prefer.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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