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I need to add an change menu labels on Citi Theme

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I just bought Citi Theme and I would like to customize the menu the way my site is going to be built.

There are only four labels: About us, Portfolio, Contact and Blog and I need to add one or two more, also be able to change the order of the labels and determine the type of content of the section that the labels links to.


I would appreciate your help.


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James Giroux

Hey There,


In your PageLines dashboard find the menu item called 'site options'.  At the bottom of the list of menu items there you'll see a new one called 'citi theme'.  If you click on that, the first thing you'll see is the option to rename the four menu items.  Unfortunately at this time, it looks like you are limited to using only 4 menu items.   Not sure if Nick has a workaround for this but at least you've got one of your questions solved!





James Giroux, CEO

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Thanks for your reply.

My request has to deal more than just changing names of labels, I want the menu to be more flexible to customizations.

As I understand these labels are linked as texts links as they scroll to specific sections within the page.

I wish to be able to choose more options to the sections and labels.



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Hey there!

Citi is largely plug and play, so no there isn't much wiggle room here at all. You just plug in your information and that's that. There are only 4 labels which link to the four sections. If you want, you can provide a page ID to supply your own content for the panel.

Something big is coming for DMS + photographers.



Nick Haskins & CO - New home for all of my PageLines Store products! 



Better DMS - News, Tutorials, and Tips



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Thanks Unicorn!

the "Content Override" will do the trick!

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