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Email page for ShareBar

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Okay, I am finally getting the hang of using the forums to resolve a lot of issues I had in the past.  My question does not seem to exist in the Forum.  I have a website for a tour company and we are interested in using the ShareBar on our tour pages but I noticed it does not offer an option for the tour company's client to "email this page" to their friends who are interested in going on tour together.


All we have on the ShareBar is google, facebook, tweet.  Which is understandable.  But how to add an Email This to the ShareBar is the problem?  I know it is not a very common feature but short of shelling out 6.99 for a not an equally attractive plugin in Pageline store for "Extended ShareBar" how can I add this?  


On a side not, why would Email this not be part of the ShareBar?  I see it on so many sites everywhere else.

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The basic Sharebar is simply intended to provide links to social media, not communication.  Email would be considered communication.  We don't recommend modifying core files, but if you'd like to do so, please see our Docs for information on customizing sections.


We have a premium Section called Sharebar Extended that includes email and more social media and communication options. Please see that section's description here:  http://www.pagelines.com/store/sections/sharebar-extended/

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I managed to find a regular free plugin that does the same thing as the "premium" plugin and works just fine.  I would believe "Email this page" or "Forward this page to a friend" would be a form of social communication.  Thanks anyways.

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