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section_template() must be over-ridden in a sub-class.

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When following the PageLines Developer Essential Training 2.2


I get function PageLinesSection::section_template() must be over-ridden in a sub-class.

when I try and see the section after it was tested and we inputed in a little html.


this is my doc

Section: PageFlipper Section
Author: .....
Author URI: .....
Version: 1.0.0
Description: Creates Book Pages
Class Name: PageFlipperSection
Cloning: true

class PageFlipperSection extends PageLinesSection {
    function section_template(){
         <div class="fittext-container">
             <h2>This is Fitest.</h2>

Any thoughts? This is not live yet, and I haven't done much.... someone on another thread said that it was a naming issue... but I cannot seem to find any documentation on this nor did they explain enough.

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Please use code tags or a pastebin for multiple lines of code. It hurts my eyes ;)


Theres nothing wrong with that code, it prints This is Fitest when enable on a page.

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