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Adding iFrames for including php file

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I installed iFrame Preserver plugin for out website www.trinketz.com.

I wanted to use this feature, to be able to add iframes in pages, which contains the link to a php file. In the php file, I have the database connection code and select querys, used to retieve data from our internal database. The code in the body tags shop up but for the php script doesn't work and I get an error "500 internal error" (this is displayed in the console not in the webpage). We checked htaccess and file permisions, database permission, everything we could on the server side of it. But couldn't get it to work.

here is the site link : here
I am thinking that the iframe php connection to the database and the pagelines/ wordpress dont agree on something.

Help me out..!



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OK an iframe is just that, a frame containing a remote page. The remote page is 100% completely separate.


Here is a link to your included page: http://www.trinketz.com/tz-gameguide/TrinketzGameGuide.php


If your getting errors with your custom PHP i suggest you turn on error_logging as it might help you debug your custom code.


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