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Visual Editor Not Working

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designeats    0


I cannot get Visual Editor to work at all.I am up to date with my WP and Pagelines install. I add the "Use Google Libraries" plugin as recommended from a post related to VE issues in WP 3.5, but it has not helped my issue in 3.5.1. I have cleared browser caches and retried in Safari, FireFox, and Chrome. I have deactivated all plugins that are not up to date. Currently, all my plugins are in the current list of plugins recommended from Pagelines or from Pagelines directly.

Any recommendations?




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Simon    247

The WordPress visual editor is actually part of WordPress Core.


You say you cant get it to work at all. Does the page even load?


The support URL you have in your profile does not have PageLines Framework installed.


Only thing I can really suggest is..


1. Download a fresh copy of wordpress and re-upload ALL files except for the wp-content folder.

2. Disable ALL plugins.

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designeats    0


I reinstalled Wordpress, but that didn't do anything. 

I had already turned off a number of plugins, but nothing fixed it.

UNTIL, I deactivated the CFORMS plugin and the Visual Editor came back immediately. I thought this was a current plugin and one that works with PageLines, but maybe it's not up to speed currently.

thanks. All better now.


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