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Two sidebars problem

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depaart    0



I'm new in PageLines, so sorry if this question is too stupid.


I'm trying to use two sidebars (one in every side of the page). I have no problems with the left one, but the right one goes down in the page, just over the footer, and I can't find the way I can put it on the column top.


Help please!



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greenfly    230

Hello Depaart 


Could we have a link to your site please? 

The answer to many issues can be found by searching in the forum before posting as someone else  may very well have had the same problem before you have.  Also, reading the documentation can help you gain a good understanding of how everything works. 


Please do not send me private messages. Occam's razor - The principle states "Keep things simple!"

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Rob    547



Looking at your page, I'm seeing that every image in the Content Area is more than 700px wide, and scaled down. Additionally, you have two instances of an audio player which may be pushing beyond the width of the content main column.


The 2nd sidebar is simply being pushed below and to the right of the content area, while it should actually be inside the content area.


Whenever I've seen this, it's usually an audio or visual embed or, a badly scaled image.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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