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Nothing New in Pagelines in past 1 Year?

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manojgupta26    2

Dear All,


I haven't seen much development and added features in Pagelines in past one year. All we are getting are fixes for bugs and compatibility for latest wordpress. The development for new features is either too slow or I am not aware about...


Are you all waiting to push pagelines 3.0 update for a price?


I would appreciate if you can brief your future plans...

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Rob    547

Hi Manoj,


In the past year, we've vastly expanded the Store, which may have gone unnoticed, and created 4 major upgrades to the original Framework release, in addition to the little fixes you mention.


PageLines is always working on major new developments of one kind or another, and those are released when they're fully tested and ready for release.  We're intentionally careful about releasing products only when we're comfortable with their compatibility.  With tens of thousands of factors to consider, development is not as simple as your query suggests.


Unfortunately, we do not brief clients about our company's plans, nor do we offer insights into our scheduling.


I'm sure you'll understand the intricacies and complexities of business management and proprietary information.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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