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    • mikeeg8
      By mikeeg8+
      How do I set the height of the Quickslider please, and also - can I also control the padding on the top and bottom independently please, and how do I do this?
      Thank you
    • xavaireland
      By xavaireland
      I am trying to create a custom section where the branding and the social bar and a callour are all in one.

      The left side of the section will be the logo. The right side will have a phone number and then immediately below it will be the social icons.

      So far I have managed to edit the callout section to remove the CTA button and move the Header to the right. Is it possible to overlay 2 sections in Pagelines? If not, I will have to look at writing a custom section for the brand-Social-CTA - I would like to avoid it if possible so I thought I'd ask if overlaying 2 sections is possible?