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Re-Install PageLines

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I have been having tons of issues with my Pagelines install: widgets disabled, PageLines interface is distorted, features not working (backgrounds, footers, headers, etc).


I has updated to 2.4.2 and reinstalled Wordpress (3.5.1), but nothing has fixed the issues.


How do you recommend re-installing PageLines without loosing any content from the site when it is reinstalled?




Please help.






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The condition you're experiencing will not be fixed by reinstalling or updating.  It is caused by a plugin conflict.  Generally, this condition is harmless, but visually annoying. I have the same problem with a premium plugin, so you have my sympathies. 


The way to resolve it is to find the plugin. Deactivate all the non-PageLines plugins, but leave any cache plugin and Akismet (if you use it) activated. Then, one at a time, reactivate, clear the cache and view the PageLines settings to see if the problem restarts.  When that happens, the last plugin reactivated is your culprit.


You can contact the plugin developer and tell him/her about the condition, asking for a patch or update; let us know which plugin it is; or, just find a suitable replacement.  Other than the inconvenience and aesthetics, luckily, this doesn't really break anything serious.


I hope this helps!

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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