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Can I adjust the length or reduce the excerpt in the Bad Ass Post Carousel?

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I love using the Bad Ass Post Carousel, but the excerpt on the carousel runs into the "Read more."  Anyway to adjust the length of the carousel or reduce the excerpt so you can read the excerpt clearer?  I've tried Firebug with no avail.  Thanks.  My link is http://www.urneveralone.net/about-me/#.UZzuPrVOTh7



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I tried adjusting the length in the BA Site Options and that didn't help.  Is there a way to shorten the excerpt?

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The length is 200 characters and no, there isn't a way to shorten that currently. Try a hand-crafted excerpt and put whatever you want there. This box can be found in the post screen. It's typically hidden by default so you'll need to go to Screen Options (top of page) and toggle that box to show it.

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